How will Moat Analytics help you?
  • Viewability and Beyond

    Collect and leverage the metrics that matter for your business

  • Real-Time Optimization

    Optimize campaigns to any metric or combination of metrics in real-time

  • Instant Collateral

    Export snapshots, graphs, and heatmaps directly to Powerpoint

  • New Pricing Models

    Develop new ad products based on Moat Metrics

  • Benchmarks

    Quickly understand relative performance to the industry

  • Brand Effectiveness

    Connect ad exposure data to back-end data for a complete picture


Do you click on ads?

Watch what real users say

Disruptive Technology

Bloomberg TV

Attention Analytics

Moat Presents at the IAB
Use data and graphs in decks
Visualize user interactions
Instant trend graphs
Moat Brand Score
Ad Effectiveness score and benchmarks
Metrics that Matter
  • In-View Impressions

    50% or more of the ad is in-view for at least one continuous second

  • In-View Time

    Average length of time the ad is in-view

  • Interaction Time

    Average length of time the ad is interacted with by the user

  • Interactions

    User purposely interacts with the ad

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