How will Moat Analytics help you?
  • Viewability and Beyond

    Collect and leverage the metrics that matter for your business

  • Real-Time Optimization

    Optimize campaigns to any metric or combination of metrics in real-time

  • Instant Collateral

    Export snapshots, graphs, and heatmaps directly to Powerpoint

  • New Pricing Models

    Develop new ad products based on Moat Metrics

  • Benchmarks

    Quickly understand relative performance to the industry

  • Brand Effectiveness

    Connect ad exposure data to back-end data for a complete picture


Do you click on ads?

Watch what real users say

Disruptive Technology

Bloomberg TV

Metrics that Matter:

Moat Presents At P&G
Use data and graphs in decks
Visualize user interactions
Instant trend graphs
Moat Brand Score
Ad Effectiveness score and benchmarks
Metrics that Matter
  • In-View Impressions

    50% or more of the ad is in-view for at least one continuous second

  • In-View Time

    Average length of time the ad is in-view

  • Interaction Time

    Average length of time the ad is interacted with by the user

  • Interactions

    User purposely interacts with the ad

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