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BrightRoll Introduces Independent Video Ad Viewability Measurement on its Platform

Yahoo! Finance - 4/10/2014

BrightRoll is partnering with independent measurement companies that align with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Rating Council's (MRC) new video viewability guidelines... Moat is the first video viewability solution to be fully integrated into the BrightRoll platform to provide reporting and measurement for campaigns...

PadSquad and Moat Partnership Amplifies Value of Mobile Advertising Analytics, Offering Better Insight on Ad Viewability

Yahoo! Finance - 3/25/2014

PadSquad, an advertising technology firm creating a better tablet and smartphone experience through cutting-edge mobile publishing and advertising solutions, today announced a partnership with Moat, an MRC accredited brand intelligence and analytics company focused on transforming brand advertising online.

In Search of Meaningful Video Metrics: 5 Measurements to Track - 2/2/2014

Perhaps the most important measure of all is the idea of Visibility and Viewability, at least in the eyes of Goodhart, whose company has tools to track them. In TV, he notes, visibility isn’t a problem because a commercial is full-screen...

Some Question Just How Great Online Video Engagement Is

AdWeek - 9/17/2013

Is online video engagement really as good as people claim it is?... "This is the sleeper topic, which we're starting to hear mumblings about," said Jonah Goodhart, CEO and co-founder of Moat, which measures online engagement.

The Globe and Mail brings brand attention metrics to Digital Advertising in Canada

CNW - 8/15/13

To help Canadian companies track and spend their advertising dollars more effectively, The Globe and Mail is pleased to be the first Canadian publisher to offer MOAT Analytics on their Digital properties.

Kargo and Moat Announce Strategic Partnership, Bringing Brand-Focused Metrics to Mobile

Kargo - 8/14/13

Kargo, the leading mobile publisher platform, announced today a partnership with Moat, a technology brand intelligence and analytics company, to bring best-in-class insights and measurement to its advertisers and publishers.

Disrupting the Ad-Technology Space

Bloomberg - 5/7/13

Moat CEO and Co-Founder Jonah Goodhart discusses digital advertising with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Televisions' "Money Moves."

A Democratic View of Metrics: Moat On Measuring Brand Advertising Success

RTB Insider - 4/23/13

Exchanges create transactional efficiency. When Jonah Goodhart and his brother funded the launch of Right Media, the first ad exchange, that was their sole intent...

Moat Named to OnMedia Top 100 Private Companies List for 2013

AlwaysOn - 3/20/13

This year's 100 top companies are transforming the digital media paradigm into a vital new distribution pathway for forward-thinking, technology-minded product developers and their consumers.

Moat Partners with Martini Media in Private Premium Exchange

Martini Media Press Release - 3/6/13

Jonah Goodhart, CEO and founder of Moat, said, "We're excited to support the rich media exchange because it offers the promise of bridging the gap between brand buying and the existing programmatic world...If we, as an industry, can deliver branded experiences in a more scalable way, everyone wins."

Moat Named IAB Service Excellence Award Winner

IAB Press Release - 2/24/2013

Jonah Goodhart, Co-Founder & CEO, Moat, and Karin Eanes, Technical Director, Pictela, for their hard work and dedication on the Rising Stars Ad Unit Research Study showing...

Undertone Partners with Moat to Guarantee Viewability

AdWeek - 2/5/13

To help provide the viewable metrics, Undertone is partnering with measurement companies DoubleVerify and Moat with the goal of providing a range of methodologies from which to collect the non-standardized data...

Jonah Goodhart's MOAT: Building the Digital Dashboard to Growing Brands Online

Forbes - 2/2/13

A series of profiles of Thought Leaders changing the business landscape: Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-Founder, MOAT...

Glam Media and Moat Establish Industry-Leading Content Analytics That Go beyond Page Views and Shares

Glam Media Press Release - 1/22/13

Glam Media, Inc., a leading vertical social media company, today announced it has partnered with Moat Inc., a SaaS analytics company focused on transforming brand advertising online, in establishing industry-leading metrics and benchmarks for measuring content engagement and effectiveness...

13 Promising East Coast tech startups to watch in 2013

The Next Web - 1/3/13

Moat provides a free search engine for display advertising and an ad-focused analytics service for brand marketers. The startup enters interesting territory with its analytics offering, providing insight for when ads are in view and how potential customers interact with them... READ MORE

The Digital Display Battle

Campaigns & Elections - 1/2/13

Moat is a digital analytics and intelligence company that works most prominently with brand advertisers. Our newest analysis tool - Moat Pro - lets us search for ads (including political ones) by advertiser or publisher. It yields metrics like "share of voice" and traffic paths, as well as publisher information... READ MORE

IAB Report on Ad Engagement Serves as Industry Catalyst for Defining Core Digital Engagement Metrics

BusinessWire - 12/20/12

The report was informed and guided by input from the following companies: Brand Keys,, BrightRoll, BUZZMEDIA, comScore, CondeNast, DraftFCB, Facebook, Forbes, Google, Hulu, Martini, Mediacom, Microsoft, Moat... READ MORE

The Challenge of Analytics

Campaigns & Elections - 12/17/12

Early in the 2012 presidential cycle, Jonah Goodhart had already fielded calls from both the Obama and Romney campaigns. They wanted to know what Moat - the online analytics company Goodhart founded - could offer as far as tracking when and where the opponent was placing online ads... READ MORE

Rising Stars: Demonstrating Results at the 2012 IAB Ad Ops Summit

IAB - 11/19/12

Moat co-founder Jonah Goodhart talks research on IAB Rising Stars Display Ad Units. WATCH VIDEO

Consumer Reports Says Do Not Track, But Tracks Anyway

Adage - 11/16/12

For instance, according to ad monitoring firm, display ads from Consumer Reports promoting its subscription service were spotted online this month on sites including and They may have been aimed at users who... READ MORE

Romney Didn't Crack Top 100 Display Ad List Until October

Ad Week - 11/6/12

To add some context to how the digital get-out-the-vote-effort played out in the display space, Moat, an ad search and analytics company, provided Adweek with some fresh data from its Top 100 advertiser ranking. The results, which are ranked by total ad volume... READ MORE

Obama Dominating Web Down the Stretch

Ad Week - 11/2/12

Moat's search index data, which compares digital display impressions across tens of thousands of websites throughout September and October, suggests that while the Romney campaign has worked to increase its share of voice in October... READ MORE

Obama Outslugs Romney in Digital

Adage - 10/22/12

According to research by the analytics company Moat, the Obama campaign had a 93.3% share of voice in terms of display-impression volume in September across the top 20,000 publishers, compared with the Romney campaign's 6.7%... READ MORE

Why Engagement and Interaction Trump the Click

Ad Tech Review - 10/17/12

The Universal Interaction Time (UIT) measures the average amount of time users spent on the ad. It's no surprise that when you look at these measures compared to static banners, rich media always wins. According to Moat, a SaaS-based company focused on building and measuring rich media ads...

Research on IAB Rising Stars Display Ad Units Shows Big Lift Across Core Interactive Metrics

Ad Ops Online - 10/9/12

Less than eight months after they were made a part of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, the Rising Stars display ad units yield significantly higher interactive consumer engagement in online campaigns, according to proprietary research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Moat... READ MORE

To View or Not to View?

Business Insider - 10/2/12

I'm not suggesting that viewabilty measures aren't important, or that publishers shouldn't deploy them. Quite the opposite, I think that every publisher should be using a tool like MOAT... READ MORE

What Happens When Your Audience Doesn't Click?

Ad Exchanger - 9/24/12

As for in-banner interactivity, looking at solutions such as Moat to help understand what the user is engaging with in/around the display unit is helpful... READ MORE

Signal Chicago: Attention Matters

Signal Chicago - 9/11/12

Moat co-founder Jonah Goodhart talks about the why attention matters at Signal Chicago.

Maxifier Partners with Moat to Support Adoption of Branding Metrics

Maxifier - 9/6/12

Maxifier, the global leader in inventory revenue management technology, today announced a new alliance with brand intelligence and analytics company Moat... READ MORE

25 AND UNDER: Meet The Rising Stars In New York Tech

Business Insider - 9/1/12

Rahman is the president of Moat, a company Betabeat called New York's next big ad tech firm. It was founded by the former Right Media guys, Noah and Jonah Goodhart... READ MORE

Online presence of Obama & Romney (ads galore)

Daily Kos - 8/30/12

And over at, there's a nifty compilation of online ads. Some of the ads actually become animated when scrolling over them, which is a cool feature of their website. Most of Obama's ads involve animation, whereas Romney's generally do not. Also, found many more Obama ads... READ MORE

Four Bold Moneymaking Schemes That Taught Young Founders The Ropes

Forbes - 8/17/12

Rahman, a 25 year-old who now serves as President for Moat, an online advertising analytics company... READ MORE

Securing the Future of New York's Media Industry

The Makegood - 7/23/12

Whether it's been ad servers like DoubleClick, behavioral targeting engines like Tacoda or social media platforms like Buddy Media, New York has been the undisputed king of ad tech. And now hot ad tech startups like Simulmedia, Moat, and Mediabrix are rising up... READ MORE

How Blank Display Ads Managed to Tot Up Some Impressive Numbers

Adage - 7/23/12

The skunk works included an astrophysicist at online-analytics firm Moat, an ad-platform wizard from buying and optimization company Accordant Media, and a measurement maven from the Advertising Research Foundation. We equipped every ad with Moat's tag... READ MORE

Rising Stars vs. Standard IAB Phase 2 Study Results

IAB - 6/28/12


Obama outspends Romney on online ads

CNN - 6/3/12

The images in the 145 Obama online ads that surface on stand in stark contrast to Romney's. Most feature first lady Michelle Obama or the president's entire family. There's even one that features their dog... READ MORE

Moat Partners With 24/7 Media With Hopes of Shaking Up Analytics

Ad Week - 5/16/12

The startup will now be able to provide analytics to over 9,000 companies globally. As the confusing digital advertising landscape changes with each new day, Moat, a brand intelligence and analytics company, is trying to bring some clarity... READ MORE

24/7 Media and Moat Partner to Evolve Ad Engagement Metrics and Viewable Impressions

Moat - 5/16/12

Today, 24/7 Media, Inc., WPP's marketing technology company, and Moat Inc., a brand intelligence and analytics company, announced a partnership to offer advertisers and publishers brand-focused metrics to help them measure the success of an ad campaign... READ MORE

Meet Moat: The Ad Tech Company With a 'Magic' Demo and a $12M Series B

Betabeat - 4/26/12

A few months ago over coffee, a source was bemoaning the lack of big exits (and billion dollar ideas) to emerge from the New York tech scene. Who's headed in the right direction? we asked. The source pointed us to an ad-tech startup called Moat. "When you get the demo, it's like magic!"... READ MORE

The Daily Start-Up: Mayfield Jumps Moat To Lead $12M Round

WSJ - 4/23/12

Analytics company Moat aims to help online advertising evolve beyond counting clicks, and has secured $12 million led by Mayfield Fund... READ MORE

Moat Raises $12M Series B led by Mayfield Fund

Moat - 4/23/12

Moat Inc., a SaaS company focused on transforming brand advertising online, is announcing a $12 million Series B financing led by Silicon Valley's Mayfield Fund, with continuing participation from existing investors. Mayfield's Tim Chang will join the Board... READ MORE

Romney, Obama Camps Use Ads to Target Voters

PBS Newshour - 4/19/12

Moat Ad Search is featured on PBS NewsHour TV program. WATCH VIDEO

Attention Economy

Signal P&G - 3/19/12

Moat co-founder Jonah Goodhart talks about the Attention Economy at Procter & Gamble.

Signal P&G Bringing Touch of Silicon Valley To Cincinnati

P&G Corp Newsroom - 3/1/12

P&G will showcase ideas from some of the most well-known and respected digital thought leaders and share a few ideas of our own at the Signal P&G event on March 8... READ MORE

AOL Annoucnes Beta Launch of Pictela Enterprise to Help Scale Premium Brand Advertising on the Web

AOL - 2/27/12

"Today, AOL is also announcing a partnership with Moat, a brand intelligence and analytics company. ""Moat is becoming a leader in measuring the effectiveness of online brand..." READ MORE

AOL Develops Self-Serve Platform to Manufacture Premium Ads

Ad Week - 2/27/12

Partnering with brand intelligence and analytics company Moat on the platform's analytics offering, users of the platform will be able to measure clicks, impressions, exposure time... READ MORE

IAB Releases New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio

IAB - 2/26/12

To measure the new units' ability to deliver at scale for brand advertisers...[Moat] looked at attentiveness, emotive response and brand lift... READ MORE

Announcing the 2012 OnMedia 100 Top Private Companies

Always On - 2/22/12

AlwaysOn is especially excited to announce this year's OnMedia 100-the top emerging companies creating new business opportunities in the world of media, advertising... READ MORE

Moat's Jonah Goodhart Continues His War on the Click

The Makegood - 1/31/12

Jonah Goodhart is a New York based entrepreneur who has spent the last 13 years building and investing in digital media companies. Goodhart was a founding investor... READ MORE

Tech's High Rollers, Media Machers Compare Notes at CES Opening

The Wrap - 1/10/12

Noah and Jonah Goodhart - two entrepreneurs who were already big winners once in the advertising space with Right Media - are at CES... READ MORE

5 Ad Tech Startups to Watch

Digiday - 12/30/11

What makes a viable startup? For the last few years, the question seems not to have been posed by venture capitalists who have flooded the industry with superficially conceived... READ MORE's Top 10 Technology Stories of 2011

Ad Week - 12/27/11

#2 Killing the Click - What was once digital advertising's dirty little secret is now its big, ugly problem. Online ad performance figures are dismal: less than 1 percent... READ MORE

The Investment Community Reviews Advertising - A Look Back, A Look Ahead

Ad Exchanger - 12/21/11

Last year we predicted that the industry would begin focusing on the importance of creative. There are signs that this is occurring - we conducted a study and found that... READ MORE

Digital's Interactive Addiction Hurts Brand Efforts

Digiday - 11/8/11

The online advertising business desperately wants to break its dependency on the click-through, which is nearly universally derided as a largely useless brand metric... READ MORE

Trends: Digital Advertising, The six most transformative in online marketing

Ad Week - 10/18/11

A vast array of technologies and trends are transforming online marketing. Because it's hard to wade through the changes, we've whittled them down to six that are significant... READ MORE

Confessions of an Ad Tech Man

Digiday - 8/29/11

Jonah Goodhart, a founding investor in Right Media, believes that the 90's, at least as they pertain to the development of digital media advertising, were one very expensive mistake... READ MORE

Marketers Warm Up to the No Clicks Campaign

Marketing Pilgrim - 8/25/11

Have you clicked on a display ad today? The odds are you haven't since, "99.8% of users who view an average display ad don't click." But if you spent any time at all on the internet... READ MORE

Can Moat Crack Ad-Attention Tracking?

Digiday - 8/25/11

The click is under assault. Long the success metric of choice in online advertising, the simple measurement is under fire from all sides as a serious impediment to the Web's... READ MORE

Killing the Click Moat measures engagement by tracking 'mouse hovering'

Ad Week - 8/24/11

What was once digital advertising's dirty little secret is now its big, ugly problem. Online ad performance figures are dismal: less than 1 percent of Web surfers click on display... READ MORE

Moat charts mouse movements to measure ad effectiveness

IAB - 8/24/11

New York-based startup Moat is offering a new measure of digital ad effectiveness based mouse positioning as a sign of reader attention, instead of click-throughs. Moat measures... READ MORE

Venture Capital Dispatch

WSJ - 8/24/11

Also in today's VentureWire: Moat Inc. has a fresh $1.5 million round of Series A funding to build a brand analytics tool that measures the attention given to display ads... READ MORE

The Smart Money Pours $1.5 Million Into Moat

Tech Crunch - 8/23/11

The smart money is pouring into Moat, the ad tech startup founded by former Right Media CEO Mike Walrath and brothers Jonah and Noah Goodhart. Ron Conway's SV Angel led a $1.5... READ MORE

Tracking Mouse Movements Instead of Clicks

ClickZ - 6/2/11

Every digital marketer is familiar with heat maps. Traditionally, publishers and advertisers have used heat-map technology to determine how consumers view a web page: where they look... READ MORE

MOAT: A Search Engine For Ads, And So Much More

Tech Crunch - 4/18/11

If you work in online advertising, until recently there hasn't been a very good way to find out which ads are running across the Internet. Search engines like Google index the underlying... READ MORE

It's Time to Search for Ads Says Moat Co-CEOs Jonah Goodhart and Noah Goodhart

Ad Exchanger - 2/2/11

Jonah Goodhart and Noah Goodhart are the Co-CEO's of Moat, a creative company. JONAH GOODHART: The company was founded by myself and Noah Goodhart. We brought... READ MORE

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